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The Book

Anyone Can Play Piano, Book 1

This book is the first of a series of 4 books with the same basic title – the others being Book 2, Book 3, Book 4.

The series consists of four instructional manuals for a new method of learning to play the piano at the beginner level.

The ‘notes’ used are alphabet letters A through G accompanied by instructive symbols.

The purpose of the Anyone Can Play Piano Method is to simplify learning by introducing students to the elements of playing the piano without the difficulties of initially reading the traditional music graph.

Traditional note reading is taught through another Anyone Can Play Piano series called the Anyone Can Play Piano “Transition Series”

The pages of the method books are eye catching and easy to read with decorative borders, accompanying pictures and various fonts to make reading easier and to inspire interest.

The books are written to be used by all ages, from the very young to the retired. Note reading is an issue of the eyes, with difficulties encountered at various stages, such as immaturity, dyslexia and problems that come with maturity. The fonts used in the books facilitate reading at any age.

The page layouts have been designed to emulate the attraction of picture books, to hold the interest of the young.

Verses accompany every song, to give a sense of the spirit and rhythm of the pieces plus establish ‘memory webbing’ for future references.

The music in the 4 book series is presented at 5 basic skill levels. Additional books to be published will cover a variety of interests with songs presented at the 5 skill levels. Therefore, a student studying at skill level 3 may play in accompanying ACPP books up to level 3, increasing their repertoire, strengthening playing abilities and enjoying more songs.

Additional ACPP books include Children’s Activity Songs & Nursery Rhyme Songs to be used by classroom teachers, students and families; Campfire Songs featuring fun songs for older youth to enjoy; Classical Music for all; Christmas and Holiday songs; plus a series of hymn books so that beginner pianists can play gospel songs at home and at meetings.

Another series is being prepared for the guitar, based on the same musical principles.

In time, CD recordings will accompany each book.