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The ACPP method has a library of music forth coming with music for many interests.

Additional books include:

Children’s Activity & Nursery Rhyme Songs to be used by classroom teachers, students and families, presenting favorite children’s songs complete with lyrics and actions, including chords for accompaniment by ukulele, guitar, accordion or piano.

Campfire Songs featuring the fun songs older youth enjoy.

Classical Music for all ages, and yes, at all skill levels; it’s surprising how easy some classical music is to play!

Holiday songs to celebrate the seasons with the appropriate sentiments.

Christmas Carols includes the time-honored songs of the season rather than the popular songs of the day; a verses only ‘sing-a-long’ supplement is provided which can be purchased in as many copies as desired, assuming many will want to sing along.

Sunday School Songs and Songs of Inspiration present general Christian hymns appreciated by all; Sunday School Songs are more for youth and Songs of Inspiration is more for the older generation; the books have ‘sing-a-long’ supplements with verses for singers.

L.D.S. Primary Songs and L.D.S. Hymns feature the music of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; the music correlates by page number with the Primary Songbook and Hymn Book so ACPP students may accompany singers who use the appropriate books, at home and in various meetings.

Playing With Chords teaches students to play with chords in the left hand and incorporate chord notes into the right hand melody. Playing with chords is a simplified way to play songs as the left hand follows musical patterns and is not required to learn specific accompaniments. Playing with chords is also a very fun way to accompany singers in many kinds of music.

Transition to Traditional Note Reading uses the ACPP repertoire to teach students to read the traditional music graph. As the students are familiar with the songs, understanding the graph notation is easier to grasp and put into practice.

An Anyone Can Play Ukulele and Guitar series is being prepared for the ukulele and guitar student, based on the same music principles as the ACPP method. The four string ukulele program is complete in itself and is used as a primer for the full six string guitar program, which continues on through several more books.

CD recordings will eventually accompany each book.